About the institutional Islamophobia we have had for years and the disgusting effect people live with. If it didn’t come from a man who has made a career entirely from washing awayreality which inconveniences Labour, and if he didn’t entirely make his living selling division and fear so we don’t discuss political consensus on our economy and social policy, and if he wasn’t happy to have ATOS sponsor New Statesman Events, I would be tweeting and retweeting it. It really is good. Shame he is such a hypocrite and at heart of why our political debate consists entirely of picking groups to demonise.

Deleveraging exploited inequality, gender inequality, race inequality, inequality rooted in illness and disability, and relied on invisibility to the debate the New Statesman sells, to ensure those cuts would be borne in silence. In order to achieve it swathes of the population were demonised, while having their ability to survive taken away. Mehdi Hassan, you write beautifully about what that is like, could you address the culture you uphold because we need it to stop.