I read this extraordinary article.  I thought, through the prism of the invisibility of the language of female biology to ad copy, the author was making a very profound statement. As I knew the author, a passionate er…feminist, I made a point of telling her how exceptional it was. I started to say that I felt it was an important and unlooked at subject. I felt the invisibility of women and their biology to discussion about just about everything, was at the heart of why we had been consigned to fucking our way out of poverty as a matter of social policy. For the past two years, many women  like me, have found that their invisibility to political debate allowed political parties to deleverage onto us by stealth. Its been horrific and its still ongoing and getting worse as our futures disappear, and we face the possibility our children, especially the girls, don’t have futures at all.

When I raised this point, her response was that she didn”t really agree all women were breeders. Which gobsmacked me. I hadn’t realised that breeders were separate to women, and I certainly hadn’t realised the person writing the article saw us that way, or that austerity had only exploited the invisibility of those who chose to be invisible. Unlike this smart young woman who made better choices…..

I immediately challenged her politely, explaining that pregnancy was not always a straight choice and that inequality hit when you had a child regardless. As an anti=abortion hobbyist, I had assumed she would be aware of this, it is why so many of us are terrified of our reproductive rights being restricted. We have had the ability to provide for resulting children removed the consequences of that are quite grim. I had always had a great deal of respect for her. But it was ignored, I knew she registered it because she unfollowed, something I was not too unhappy about. Vacuous hypocrites aren’t my thing.

I look at what happened to women in this country, because our political system decided that our only role was to have the Guardian and the Daily Mail debate the extent to which we were deserving, and and I look at this woman who spends her time bleating about oppressed women everywhere, and I realised she was full of shit.  This article was nothing more than an advert for a product she claims to despise.

Anyway, this woman is forever bleating about the need to be political, so yesterday I went to the lisaansell twitter account and I tweeted that equality till you breed, is not actually feminism, its tory policy.  And I made the point that needed to be made about the vacuous suggestions for new femfresh copy.  Like all the other journalists in her circle  she immediately lied, patronised and misrepresented the conversation, as her friends came out like it was year 9 to tell me what a meany I was for having a pop at her.

Let me be clear, a gentle tweet isn’t anger and the power exercised by media is real and has an effect. You don’t want to be accountable or reality to intrude, buy a time machine.  Maybe if there were a few more breeders around our elite political media establishment, mothers wouldn’t be missing meals all over the country and carers wouldn’t be taking the brunt of our barbaric political establishments indifference. But then the path might not be so clear for those feminists who like careers based on writing about oppression of women worldwide….

Fight for your right to better ad copy sister…

PS Femfresh say thanks. No one had heard of their product till the Guardian took the bait and provided them with free adverts in the broadsheets.