Dear ‘Journalists’..especially those in political press.

Power has been taken away from people in this country and given  to the media. That means you.  I am sorry print media can’t survive, and I am sorry you are bottom of the food chain in a dying industry,  but the internet is your new home.  It was previously impossible to hold you accountable for the effect of what you do, because your institutions kept very sealed walls, and your culture was allowed to dysfunction within them. That’s over. Many of your institutions have done nothing but project dysfunction onto us to shape political debate for decades, that’s over. The tribalism in what you sell not reflected in the crossover of your staff turnover and social network. THat kind of tribalism only works with a sealed homogenous group, this country isn’t that, so we don’t buy it.

Expect to be challenged, embrace it, or you won”t last 5 minutes. When you lie, when you treat it like year 10 and get your mates to gang up, when you smear and attempt the techniques which used to define your profession, it makes you look like a twat and everyone can see it. When you demand the right to exercise that power and privilege, without ever hearing the effect, it makes you a bully, and those of you on the left need to develop a thicker skin. You enjoyed pretending to uphold the principles which now bite you in the ass, don”t hit out at us when your self delusions are pierced. And when swarms of acolytes shout us down for you, you look pathetic. We are the victims not you. When you defend your infallibility against all evidence, at our expense, you don’t contribute to debate, you shut it down and keep us down with it.

I appreciate it is difficult, when the entire establishment is in transition,  the days of elite guppies lashing out to protect their position is a transition stage as we move to our digital future, but you need to cope a bit better than you are doing.