Ed Balls was Childrens Secretary at the time…

…Just for the record.

Ed Balls was Childrens Secretary because Children aren’t important enough to distract from the Treasury. Apart from establishing Surestart so the Labour left can feel good about ensuring children pay the price for the deficit, he achieved nothing but further destroying the services our most vulnerable young people rely on.

He imposed a computer system so bad, that it strangled social workers across the country, and led me into several dangerous situations with no information available and no way to make assessments of children who were at risk. He then sacrificed social workers to Murdoch during Baby P, and ensured that Childrens Services could take the brunt of deleveraging while shouting Surestart.

We all knew our Minister was busy in the treasury, it would be disingenous to pretend that Ed Balls time as Childrens Minister was ever spent concerned with children.