Toby Young

To those of you falling for Toby Young’s trolling, This is a man who wrote a book so vapid, Megan Fox added substance to the movie. A man who accidentally got into Oxford, knows fuck all about education, seems to have built an entire persona on his daddy issues meeting Alf Garnett, searches for himself on twitter and was quite happy to put my family at risk because his ego was bruised, while whining about being cyber bullied by Caitlin Moran? He hitched his wagon to Murdoch AFTER everyone realised what Murdoch was, and takes pride in being close to the ear of the most incompetent government in history… And they only want him because his vanity and stupidity make him the ideal front for what just happened to our education system.

How many ways does a man have to humiliate himself? Empty vessels make the most noise. They have to.

Take it from one who knows. A man with an ego that huge and nothing but media privilege to back it up, is a danger on twitter to normal people. Without any sense of how civilised people with a basic intellect behave, he responds to the narcissistic injuries he seeks out with his columns, and hides behind receptionists from the consequences, even if you cant.

You have to take into account his circumstances, he isn’t really used to living in a grown up world, where people dont get fired for describing him. He needs treating like a child adjusting to a new environment. Don”t feed the trolls, especially not trolls like Toby. My family are still paying the price because Toby Young overheard his considerable limitations being described accurately. He has no career or future apart from public ridicule and a peculiar spot in the history books…

Let him keep the meeja poppets of the left busy. I know Owen Jones and Hundal need to validate his nonsense, so theirs can also be validated, the rest of the world can see and read. Death of the Liberal Class Circa 2012, can I get a social meeja casualty….