The point I tried to make to the lefty brethren who were trying so hard to pin their lost battles on austerity, was that this is about basic right and wrong and economics. Not pretend ideologies. THis article is a Tory councillor(and he is not the only one who feels this- I know two more).

the void

“I now believe that this governments economic policies – cutting spending in a depression, reducing welfare benefits for the most vulnerable, removing employment protections and cutting taxes for the richest – are completely wrong, economically unjustifiable, and I cannot in good conscience defend their actions.”

Torbay  Councillor Matthew James  has resigned from the Tory Party after calling Cameron’s plans to slash Housing Benefit for those under 25 “the final straw”.

In a statement on his website Cllr James says he will remain as an independent but that a “a misguided and damaging commitment to austerity” means he must leave for the sake of his “own integrity”.  Basically he’s saying “I used to be Tory, but then I grew up.  Sorry about that.”

The proposal to end the vital benefit, which keeps a roof over young people’s heads, has met a mixture of condemnation and mockery from all sides…

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