Great post. I dont know how many areas of public policy have been run into the ground because of the influence of journalists too stupid and arrogant to give a shit about the crap they churn out.

Laurence Pigott

Michael Gove wants to get rid of GCSEs, and the press is sure to help him with either lazy, or possibly even worse – deliberately misleading journalism.

Michael Gove today announced his desire to overhaul the GCSE exam system. GCSE’s will be replaced by O-Levels (for the smart kids), and CSEs (for the… not so smart kids). Predictably, Labour shadow education mister Kevin Brennan disagreed with his counterpart’s proposal for being “a two-tier exam system which divides children into winners and losers at 14”. Maybe he’s right.

As much as the conservative government tries to not look like the nasty party, on occasion the mask inevitably slips and we catch a glimpse of what lies beneath. Historically the conservatives have represented the upper classes and that doesn’t seem to have changed much in their modern iteration. The reputation that the Tories look after the rich and do far too little to…

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