Our entire political media establishment want.

Labour and the Tories  have, since the early eighties used patterns of welfare spending (the welfare system being the first to accurately map inequality and economic failure..)to identify groups to scapegoat. Beveridge used to patronise. Our welfare system has been shaped to ensure it offers maximum benefitto everyone but the recipients. A tool to create payday loans markets…deleverage by stealth… Labour lovingly dismantled anything that might stop the tories doing the necessary…

Our welfare system was ready for the final push and the collapse of the western banking industry gave them an excuse. Thats why the Guardian and the Daily Mail fill their pages with deciding who is deserving or not. In a media focused democracy who is going to challenge it, especially when the Guardian are so nice about it?

My friend just got full housing benefit, she is a full time teacher.

Welfare is a tool explicitly designed to keep wages low. We outsourced our skilled work, and we use exploitable illegal immigrant labour, and welfare to keep wages low and attractive. Who do we demonise, and who benefits from the low/no wages?

Yesterday David Cameron indulged in impotent sabre waving, it was astonishing to see all those who had worked hard to keep welfare hidden for stealth deleveraging for two years,  all of a sudden they were interested….for a second.

Cameron hasnt yet discovered the retroactive contraceptive that would allow him to implement yesterdays suggestions and over ride existing legislation, but the Guardian and the Left got to have an afternoons fun being outraged about the poor.