Why generation after generation can be punished with impunity.

The Guardian think THIS is what government is for.

“Punishing scroungers may be popular in general terms, but support will shatter if the government lacks the competence to sort the “deserving” from the “undeserving”

We exist so the Guardian can decide whether we are deserving or not and no opposition will be felt by the government if not. Send your poverty porn….send your poverty porn..make Toynbee feel like she is helping?

Newsflash for the morons at the Guardian. Its about the economy stupid. When half of all working families are welfare dependent and you  cant get past discussing whether those caught up are deserving, that is a problem and not one of too many poor people to sort through and give your approval to. In the year where the political press were shown to be such a huge part of the problem, perhaps the Guardian should look at whether or not IT is deserving.

From where I sit they aren”t. Truth through the perspective of corrupt social network, political allegiance and without acknowledging the power you hold is not truth. That’s why no one buys it. You are the political press who ensure ‘the poor’ will never be represented, and you exploit the power you have st0len from voters but you don’t acknowledge you have it.