Saving for Christmas

It isn’t July, and I have been saving for christmas for about two months. Most people I know save from about now, pick up presents, or put money away. I use a credit union, it means this year by the time December comes I wont have to find extra money for food, or presents and Rachel will probably get a Nintendo Wii(cos I also want to play..). My mum used to use hampers. From January to September or October she would give money to the woman who came to the door, and at Christmas a bulk of the extra cost would be taken care of. In December the hampers and vouchers would be delivered and she would deliver christmas with a military precision that can only be achieved with 12 months planning.

A few years when Farepak went bust, Jack Straw feigned outrage, the press sneered at the savers involved and women like Louise McDaid continued to fight.

I want you to read this article about how HBOS deliberately let this happen. I want you to read the part Jack Straw, Vince Cable and HBOS played in making sure those Doris’s got stitched p from every possible direction. Doris’s being families like mine who plan for Christmas for months, because it is the only way to deliver it to your child. Am speechless.

Banks have forgotten we are the market. They will regret that.