Sunny Hundal and the Rochdale Grooming Case

Sunny Hundal and the Rochdale Grooming Case

If I was a Sunny Hundal, I would think twice about using the crimes involved in the Rochdale grooming case to self aggrandise.

First of all it is not about race, and he needs to be quiet.

Secondly I might think twice about exploiting the rape of little girls, if I had been active in ensuring a political narrative that rather depended on those girls being invisible, drowned out any possibility of young people over the age of 11, being prevented from falling completely off the radar as a result of austerity measures.

Now, I have the emails where session organisers at Netroots complained aboutr Sunnys desire to keep things on message, and over the next few weeks I will be doing several interviews with social workers from several authorities who are very clear on what has happened to teenagers now their teams have been combined with those of younger children.

Now, I am more than capable of describing how the Labour press have colluded to protect shared priorities for deliberate aggravation of crisis within Childrens Services for austerity, and very specifically this particular area.

So I will leave this up here as advice for Sunny Hundal and Liberal Conspiracy. It is one thing to actively pursue political priorities which ensure those who really pay for the deficit are hidden, it another exploit the consequences and apply this nasty opportunistic facile crap to it.

Stick to shitflinging and jumping to the tune of the Daily Mail you nasty, amoral exploitative piece of shit.
It is not a race issue and not an issue Mr,Hundal is even remotely qualified to comment on. To exploit this case after actively working to ensure they, and girls like them paid a price suitable for Labour priorities is downright sick and disgusting and beyond opportunism..

This is a post I have been trying and failing to write on the issue for quite a while. I would advise our cyber spin teams against treating this issue as fodder for the shitflinging monkey wheel. Labour politicos seem quite fond of exploiting rape. Which apparently goes up under the tories.