What of the shitflinging monkey wheel..

Shit flinging monkey wheel?

Political Parties who populate the wheel are still on business as usual and haven’t grasped their brand new trading environment, seemingly now scraping the bottom of their shared blue sky box.

It will be months before we have any clue whether they are capable of being our democratic future or not. They have both gambled on a direction that could only be taken with delusions of future hegemony, ignorant of the reality of the situation, with a complete disregard for national interests.

A tribal dysfunctional male culture, sealed off from society is capable of brutality. Luckily our media and parliament tribes are fairly ridiculous and toothless now, so that bit will at least be entertaining, enclosed, and broadcast 24/7. Political Big Brother with the whole shitflinging monkey wheel imploding for our entertainment live on twitter

How do our media establishment feel about all this?

I think they are frightened by the realisation their future professional home is shared and open, and they don’t have the power to fulfil that role any more. Without that role they need to define a purpose for themselves and soon, feeding off the poor and the young to subsidise relics from another era makes no commercial sense at all.

The willingness of post-adolescent political wannabes to lie/attack/smear when reality highlights their limited capacity was only ever a transitory problem as they adjusted to a life without traditional media privilege. And we now have a handy roll call of contenders for the death of the liberal (political media) class circa 2012 broadcast live on twitter. Can someone give me a ‘social meeja casualty’, and tell me the working class will rise again by never questioning the Labour left and respecting the power of inherited socialism….

What the internet manifestation of our political media culture has shown, is that the guppies who thought they were to inherit the power of the mainstream political media, are prepared to resort to behaviour which is astonishing to people outside that culture because they genuinely feel they are entitled to do so. They aren’t used to normal standards of behaviour with consequences. And they didn’t understand that social media was two way. Media-ocracy happens quicker on the internet and is forgotten in a flash like school dinners in Argylle and Bute They appear willing to sacrifice journalism itself for their own survival in full view of everyone.

Louise Mensch is setting up a chatroom…

What of Labour

Labour are about to implode as the ugliness of the left, the vacuous progressives and the terrified right engage each other in open warfare. This provides two possible opportunities. An uber-death finale which allows Labour to shed all these toxic factions, and emerge as a credible political force.

Or they consume each other and we get a new way of approaching things.

I can imagine various devotees think the spectacle of the various offensive left/progressive media factions ‘purging’ Progress, and publicly trying Dan Hodges at conference, will deal with the credibility of the party, I’m buying popcorn but it won’t just be the credibility of the left that get shot.