Symbolism is nice…

The London Metal Exchange has been flogged to the Chinese, and our oil major faces an undignified future, while Canada and Australia position themselves as special friends who can offer something to the new big boys in their yard. Our particular niche skills are no longer required.

It’s all about Geo–politics now darling!

Apparently discussion in Greece is about the penalties countries suffocated by austerity could face, if they are friendly with emerging economies. They are supposedly wise to stay in the ‘US/UK ‘camp’…. A camp our political parties are firmly in, while pretending to hitch to any wagon that has a message that will sell. A camp the US don’t appear to know the UK is in..

I am not sure how this is all going to work when we all have access to a global economy with no need for national intermediary, the push of neo liberal foreign policy in the last year, gave us a sodomised dictator dying live on tv, and a yard sale of textbook ‘reconstruction’ and economic liberalisation- our attempt to impose more of this on Syria has created a diplomatic stalemate over geo political dickswinging and a possible genocide. Nice. International action will only be possible in future, with a proviso that we are not allowed to behave as we always have.

The US are not the rising star with dreams to sell for everyone. It is a cautionary tale of an economy desperately trying to prevent its tip into decline, by undermining the rest of the world and its allies. As they have always done. A cautionary tale which will lay the foundations for what comes after crying Germany will not delay anything in a crisis which is happening now. Egyptians know that 70% of their economy was a potential market for the 30% of the economy visible and important to Western governments who held them down as they offered models of neo liberal economic and foreign policy.