The narrative of a little England undermining Europe has been lovingly crafted by everyone from Obama and Osborne, Merkozy, Blair and Balls. The US and UK are now happy to blame Europe for everything that ails them.

Blaming it all on Germany will make everyone forget that the whole world knows the IMF as Uncle Sam, and austerity is a lot older than this bit of the crash. The IMF are yet to resolve their new identity in the world, while renegotiating and enforcing more debt all over Europe. That the US are lining us up to take the blame for the financial crisis needs to be taken seriously by someone soon. Our ex- Prime Minister is the only available Fall Guy available for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Labour are now trying on terms like ‘German-led’ austerity, while the Telegraph warns us of a European Superstate , and the Guardian pretends that Labour austerity would have had a different effect and their politicians mean austerity nicely, and in a Keynesian way, when they say it…All showing signs of panic while the crisis they ensured approaches.

Blair, Balls and anyone else the UK/US can pull out of the bag, want Germany to backstop As Germany takes backstops unimaginable risk as it provides a figurehead for imposition of austerity on Europe, the UK and US cry they must take on more. Merkel is dispensible when it all fails, and political and economic commentary is beginning to resemble The Sun during your average world cup. Today Blair repeated that Germany would only be willing to take on more risk, if wide ranging reforms were ‘delivered’,

These requests are made while painting austerity as an attempt at German World Domination. The Labour spin team going with ‘German-led austerity’ to reframe events in our mind and destroy future relationships with those we will depend on. Labour are to boost this effort by tagging onto the democratic recovery that Hollande and Syriza signify, in the hope it covers their back, while demanding Merkel ‘deliver’ more of the austerity they are rejecting……

Our diplomatic reputation is shot and has been replaced by Blair’s peculiar brand of corporate diplomacy so we epitomise what is crumbling, he is quite deluded if he thinks Blairism plays any part in our future. Martin Wolf, while eloquent and very much singing a tune that should be sung, risks playing into this scenario, and losing a reputation for journalism without fear or favour when recriminations fly, whether the accusation is entirely fair. The FT is outstanding in mapping the financial aspects of this crisis, but when it proclaims Europe the sole source of the Eurocrisis, I believe they offer a very limited view of what the Eurocrisis is.

Labour are quite happy to bolster the reckless Tories who wish to undermine Europe, but as usual want to be seen as ‘nice’ while cheering on a crisis designed to indebt Europe so they present less threat to a declining US. While they talk about ‘saving the euro’, and use words like ‘reconstruction’, which no longer mean what they did.