How things looking here…?

In the UK, right now, we essentially exist with no government, no opposition, and the entire edifice our political media culture built and protected is crumbling with US hegemony. The chains exposed, are as quaint as carrier pigeon, mafia hoods, and telegram by bicycle. Our political media obviously still stuck on tribalism, self-preservation, and the narcissism of small elite differences.

Toothless noisemakers with few ways to impose anything while the tide recedes showing they aren’t wearing undies. The wealth creating chaps from the markets would be sensible to leave them high and dry round about now.

The crisis our voluntary austerity deliberately aggravated are enormous, and not going away or waiting for someone to volunteer to recognise them.

Local democracy has lost a fight that never was, against unexamined privatisation, just as it becomes apparent that corruption has engulfed a national political game we were long invisible to. Accountable power is sold in waves, the biggest wave of outsourcing since Thatcher hitting our public sector this week. Britain is not a place where revolutions happen often, we are a fairly pragmatic bunch and this rot is localised, so we really need to start discussing this. Most power is held in the social and professional network and is used to being accountable to no one, the dysfunction that has guided social policy evident now very clear.

We haven’t even begun to acknowledge the animosity we may have earned as the foreign policy aspects of this problem come under scrutiny, but international action has to have that tarnish removed to be possible in the new world order. A question being hammered out over Syria, underneath some reckless blatant geo political dick swinging, with extraordinary lessons in a world where global media focus points all lie for the same reasons.

Our Prime Minister just treated the Argentinian president handing him a claim to Falklands on camera, like being heckled by a fishwife, government officials describing her rambling about Spain, a country quite important to both leaders right now. Providing a perfect motif of British misogyny, elitism, arrogance and blindness to be broadcast everywhere.

It would be fair to say our political and economic establishment are in a long overdue crisis, not us. We are paying a heavy price for austerity which has stalled our economy, by stalling us, and we view the expanding effects of the hysteresis long hidden underneath this politics, with genuine and called for fear.

That this has gone so far beyond its democratic limits and the most we can expect from our political media establishment is austerity repackaged as growth and bogus binary economic distinctions is genuinely terrifying. A government you no longer fear is not compensation you have is no government at all, or party fit to do so. It is difficult to grasp that elitist tribal cultural idiocy is not deliberate, but that is the one lesson the past few years delivered well.