Cash of the Titans!

First signs?

The first signs of what is currently happening that shouldn’t have been ignored. Lehmans Brothers and Bear Sterns. Its manifestations pierced our headlines this last week from Egypt, Greece, the Leveson courtroom, the balance sheets of European sovereign states and banks, and the funerals of those deemed undeserving by our appointed representatives.

How old is this Universe that is imploding?

The US came out big from the war, and the 1986 big bang was everyone’s idea at the time, then we never had it so good. Then banks started collapsing one by one under the burden of deregulation. Not a single politician or party questioning the implications, or attempting to assess the consequences, all taking significant pains to obfuscate discussion till it was far too late. Bank after bank was supposed to fall and neo liberalism was repackaged as bailout/austerity which is now to be repackaged as growth. Western economies have all but seized up, sustained only by injections of government heroin, bigger and bigger hits required, and that first high a long distant memory now it is required just to postpone the inevitable. The blindness to consequences ever grosser, as war is waged on the populations of countries to prevent interruption, we have reached speedball stage, and crisis is imminent.

It is very strange to see bare naked power exposed and to realise how hollow much of what you have believed was, a lie that was probably not deliberately told by anyone.

Monetarism is dead now, a few people haven’t noticed so political circles still call the transfer of public assets and power to private hands, ‘cuts’. We as people now exist solely to feed a brontosaurus nibbling his own tail, on the say so of PR boys.

The world now faces the political and economic crisis austerity was designed for. Theorising people around market infallibility, to create a message to be sold should never have been considered democracy in the first place, and it’s quite new. I think that should be on record. I recognise the threat it poses as it loses its legitimacy and thrashes about and would advise anyone with any sense to stand well back.