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Monetarism, neo liberalism, thatcherism, the washinton consensus. Whatever term you use. At limits. Presently

Social Policy

Workfare is not going away. This is about the limitations of that type of social policy, now it’s effect on the labour market is clear and it’s true poison is revealed.  Workfare is the cumulative failures in post war settlement coming to fruition, and Prescott shouting about how obscene it is really isn’t going to undo that.

Social Care Crisis and Social Work crisis: These were the services least visible to political debate and most marketised. The grooming/rochdale childrens home story, and the fears the professionals within the NHS have for their service, all derive from watching the excesses of marketisation here.

Local democracy has been undermined and rendered useless by the politics of marketisation with NO public discussion.

Foreign Policy

Syria. Syria does not exist in isolation and the great neo liberal criminal misadventures of our recent history

Pakistan- really-pakistan pakistan pakistan

The Arab Spring- particularly Egypt and dissonance emerging with elections.

Emerging assertions from Bric economies wrapped up in ambition economic plans.



Consequences of Iraq/Afghantistan/Libya etc etc…

War on Drugs

Economic Policy.



The vacuous manage the message media-ocracy. Done dusted. Leveson is filling our livings room with it’s lengthy demise, and it is the ONLY thing holding this up. Political class who relied on ability to deliver that message undiluted, moved into a chatroom. That was unfortunate.

Techniques which just involved lying in newspapers before, now rely on abusive techniques like gas-lighting to be successful on the internet. Deeply manipulative and usually saved for abusive relationships where the abuser wants to make their victim doubt reality and their own judgement. Usually done in order for abuser to deflect from own inadequacy and fear or a wish to impose will on victim.

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