Dear Shitflinging Monkey Wheel.

Please could you listen to this man, DO you understand that your tribalism only served to obfuscate and prevent discussion of this?

I know that Beveridge created a political and economic blueprint that demanded those who bore the brunt of deleveraging this year, would forever more have the inequality his system identified used to demonise or patronise them and be structurally invisible to political debate.  I appreciate many of you did not understand the clear social policy and economic patterns, hidden underneath the rhetoric the politics of marketisation requires. I realise that this is the bread and butter of political debate and so you ignored the social policy progression to this point. I appreciate that you had no scope for discussing the economic approach that led us here, because it was subject to political consensus.

I appreciate in your line of work you don’t need to know anything outside your social professional network, and never considered you might need to look for smarter people than yourselves  to discuss this(and I don’t mean me-truly). I know that you thought it was all a big lark and an opportunity for an eighties re-enactment, but could you please read what Martin Wolf says. Not a raving lefty. Listen to what he is saying, stop with the bullshit abusive elitist tribalism and start allowing a rational reasoned discussion about the situation we now face. A discussion beyond the narrow differences between the policy platforms of our political parties or the bedraggled remains of political fringe  dogma? Especially as just about everyone is clear that that is nonsense?

Especially following the revelations that you are in fact the thing that ensures that no-one else can, and that the message you sell has fucked up our ability to deal with this? The curtain fell down, it’s time to recognise it. You’ve had your fun now, enough is enough.

Kind Regards