That article about George Osborne..

”George Osborne has only ever been a part-time Chancellor. Talk to any City firm or institution that has met him for lunch and they will tell you he is fine talking about what it is like being in the Cabinet, what goes on in the Commons’ corridors and general political gossip.

But get him on the economy and he isn’t interested. He never has been. He changes the subject and gets his Treasury flunkies to answer the technical questions.

He just doesn’t do the work. He has got away with it until now, but the Budget mistakes have enabled people to see the reality. Previous Chancellors Tory and Labour, Nigel Lawson, Ken Clarke, Gordon Brown, Geoffrey Howe, Alistair Darling – say what you like about them, but they did the hard graft.”

I am not being funny, I know the Westminster bubble, v important etc etc But we are kind of in the shit, and the world is literally on the abyss and this cock appears to have set us up to take the excess shit. That is a description of our Chancellor from an MP in his own party. I am so utterly stunned by what I have learned about the way my country is run in the past year or so. Utterly stunned.

Also, I have spent the last two years justifying my moral deficiency as at the root of our economic woes and had to suffer an abusive political culture demanding that upheld, because of the statements of this particular man.