How far has the rot spread into our political, financial and media institutions, how healthy are our institutions under this dysfunction,  and are there enough decent people who will be guided by their principles, or those of their institutions? Will the structure of those institutions allow them to run as they should and provide a check to dysfunction in our political system?, and  recognise what changes need to be made.

Because now we see every aspect of the post war settlement, the foreign policy, social policy, economic policy, political narratives, and their cumulative flaws being exposed in crisis. This is not the mean old tories and this is not nonsense batshittery. It is recordable, observable and needs no ideology to be understood. Every aspect is coming to fruition and being pushed beyond their limits. Separately, globally, nationally. And I want to write down that we knew. And we knew why. We know at this point there is the possibility of a future ahead of us, and that the way this is handled could sacrifice that future forever as we experience globalisation from a new perspective.

How far will they push it? Do they know they are the problem and do they have any comprehension of what now needs to happen? Are they really just blinded by media privilege?  Is the tribal idiocy real or a distraction?Maybe only the idiots dont know, and it truly is a result of sealed elitist misogynist political cultures? Whitehall doesn’t have the wartime brain boost, it has spads monitoring Daily Mail comment threads and ranty bloggers, and journalists who are not journalists but toads willing to sink journalism and political writing if it offers them some dignity on the way down.

Also, this is one of the very few moments in history where it would be useful to read about organisational culture. And it might be interesting. Who knew? Haha!