Question about U-Turns

Is it that the budget was a bucket of candyfloss, with each triviality providing acres of amusement for politicos so they won’t notice the financial crisis? Or is it that the coalition have been scraping the bottom of the blue sky box for dismissed ideas which might bring a bit of revenue, because they are panicking about the utter balls up they have made of running the country?

One would require that this was the exploitation and exacerbation of crisis for ulterior motives, the other that this is a government of desperate and foolish boys with no comprehension of the seriousness of what they have done and no media to tell them. Apparently Alistair Darling rejected the pasty tax, and fear of Margaret Beckett shied him away from the Caravan tax(that’s quite endearing really…), which means these policies have been hanging around for a while. When you read that piece of nonsense on LibCon about how budgets were decided, it seemed utterly ludicrous, but could it be that the business of government has really descended to that?

There is the distinct possibility that that is how it is done and our parties have now gotten to the bottom of the candy floss they know how to whip up, in lieu of capacity to govern. I have always known conspiracy theories grossly overestimated the competence of people, institutions and politicians. This really could be as simple as a corrosive sealed political media culture, having bred themselves into idiocy but completely oblivious to it, their only purpose to sell the message and no thought required for that.

The same question applies to all these stupid holidays and royal celebrations we are expected to bunting everything for. Concerns have been expressed that they serve to disguise the real nature of our economic conditions, by removing a day’s productivity that can skew results months later. I’d think that was handy if I was Osborne but would he be bright enough to question if that was what was required?

The Treasury is apparently bleeding staff, I am sure Danny Alexander is still barricaded under his desk with a pop gun demanding cuts, and now they have to model out crisis scenarios for the next few week I don’t envy anyone there.