Libya, Syria, Cyberwarfare, and deliberate confusion

Libya, Syria, Iran, US cyberwarfare…

I read the US web strategy with interest, as I read accounts of their use cyber warfare on Iran to cause real damage to real places. I no longer listen to the US when it warns of a cyber war it is has been clearly been having on its own for quite a while, and I know that Obama wanted the world to know about Stuxnet because that is the type of thing that wins elections.

All week the world has been abuzz with the crimes happening in Syria and the west has rediscovered distaste for dead children. While the FT continued to describe this as a diplomatic stalemate, the Times poured endless emotive footage onto the stalemate as if winning hearts and minds in the UK was now the issue.

With Libya we armed militants without knowing who they were, and they now keep black men in cages to be abused and publicly humiliated. I was sicked to see Colonel Gadaffi on tv as he died, more so when I found out he was being sodomised as I watched. Our ‘concerned’ public may have forgotten that, I do not believe anyone else has.

While Iran is clear that any attack by Israel would lead to a retaliation to the US, and reports about Syria describe militants as ‘shadowy’ with recent reports having analysts on the ground, saying they don’t know who participants are.  David Aaronavitch objected to my dismissal of the Times footage from this week, because he had been there in the office and his shock had been real.

I look at Syria and I don’t know what is happening on the ground. But I know I don’t believe anything I am reading, I don’t trust us, and I don’t recall a single situation where our intervention ‘stopped the killiing’. When the Libya conflict was about to start, I wrote this. I had been moved by the emotive footage I had seen, and I wondered what would happen as politicos wished NATO forces ‘godspeed’. I learned.  If this IS a genocide, neo liberal foreign policy or a proxy war laid over it are not going to help.

If intervention is to happen it cannot be on the model we have followed in the past, and if it does, the country Syria will have special meaning for generations of children born all over the world. Forever.