I am a huge fan. However, Keynes is over. In the UK we attempted Keynesian economics, and what it succeeded in doing was laying the way for neo liberalism. The transition between the two was one filled with compromise. What we are experiencing in the UK, is the culmination of both those settlments as the post war settlement is in tatters.  The problems exposed are wide ranging.

I saw an interview you did where you said some of the best economics you are seeing, is from young radical economists. The thing that made them radical was their belief in empirical evidence as a basis for research and theory, Iwould guess you meant before ideology. I would suggest you talk to them. Keynes is dead and the grossest of the social policy failures we are now witnessing, are those with their roots in the failures of that post war settlement. This is not purely an economic crisis, the economic crisis has exposed the flaws in every aspect of that post war settlement, including the inadequacy of the structure of political debate defined then. I am a huge fan of your work, but as you dominate the media I feel it is important to mention this. Knowing full well it will never be read. Such is the beauty of blogging ;-D