Why Naomi Wolf can kiss my arse and shut the door on her way out…

This is written by a 17 year old. I know 17 year old feminists. Lots of them. I didn’t know any when I was at school. It’s brilliant.

Rape And why It’s a feminist issue

Let me recap,
There was once a guy on the internet who once said “All feminist issues have been solved”.
This got me thinking about how little most people know about feminism, we don’t get taught feminism at school and if we do, from my experience it’s confusing and does not show it in a very good light (also teachers can be Dbags).

So if we don’t learn it in our primary source of information were do we learn it from?
So even though the statement “All feminist issues have been solved” is wrong, I don’t really blame him for believing it’s true, because he probably got told by a friend of his that “a feminist is a fat lesbian who doesn’t wear a bra, she’s vegan and hates men”.

This blog is about feminist issues, if you believe that rape, abortion, sexism, Trans phobia, homophobia, misogyny (to name a few) exist then you have to begrudgingly believe feminism does indeed exsist and most importantly

feminism Is about MEN (people hating women, but mostly men) hating WOMEN, I don’t believe all men got together one day and said “lets try and think of ways to upset women” this is something that has built up over years and years and over those years women have become more repressed, most feminists call this patriarchy.
Rape Definition:

Rape under the current law of the united kingdom means that a man’s penis enters a person without his or her consent, this includes the mouth, anus or vagina.
Objects being entered without consent is sexual assault.
(I have no idea why the rape crisis website used sexual assault instead of rape considering I thought sexual assault was rape, but I’m assuming they used it because they believe the penetration of objects is less serious then a penis? Maybe?)
Men can indeed be raped but rape is mostly committed against women.

Rape has been around for years and years, throughout those years this act has usually has been used mainly against women. Rape harms a women emotionally, psychologically and might harm her physically if weapons besides the mans penis is used, and if objects are used (depending on the object and how forcefully its used) I can imagine this will cause physical harm, and of course emotional and psychological.

So there you go; there’s the first, most simple reason why it’s a feminist issue, when women are raped it hurts them.

But of course nothing is as simple as that, that point is a good point but its not THE point.
(this information is taken from wiki)

“in 12 November 2007, there were 85,000 women raped in the UK in the previous year, equating to about 230 cases every day. The 2006-07 British Crime Survey reports that 1 in every 200 women suffered from rape in that period. It also showed that only 800 people were convicted of rape crimes that same year, meaning that less than 1 in every 100 rape survivors were able to convict their attacker. According to a study in 2009 by the NSPCC on young people aged between 13-18, a third of girls and 16% of boys have experienced sexual violence and that as many as 250,000 teenage girls are suffering from abuse at any one time. 12% of boys and 3% of girls reported committing sexual violence against their partners.”

We live in rape culture, this means that our norms about what we as a society view as consent are…well to be blunt, fucked up.

We live in a world were we are taught “don’t get raped” rather then “don’t rape”. A while ago I heard two boys laughing at a “DON’T RAPE” leaflet (I feel this leaflet still has some downfalls but over wise it’s a huge step to have it out there) when I asked them why they were laughing they said
“well it just seems so obvious doesn’t it? I mean of course we know not to spike a women’s drink, or push them in a car”.
When I told them that, no, not all men do know that…..not all men think it’s wrong it suddenly became very silent.
We live in a world were we believe that EVERYONE wants sex ALL THE TIME, a lot of people find it hard to believe that some one might not want to have sex, and that’s an issue.
women are usually held responsible for the rape and are blamed for getting raped for various reasons like….

. She was drunk
. She was asking for it
. She was all over me…..what was I meant to do?
. being in the wrong place like an alleyway
. your my girlfriend your meant to do these thing
. your my wife your meant to do these things
. you must of seen it coming
. she never said no
. she wearing that item of clothing
. she wore that type of makeup
. she’s a prostitute
. she was alone
. she secretly wanted it
. her body langue said yes

This list can go on, this list of excuses make as much sense to me as if some one were to say
“hey see that girl over there? she sneezed at three minutes passed twelve….she’s totally asking for it bro” and you know what the strange thing is, if sneezing at three minutes past every hour was part of our norms this would most likely be an excuses to rape a women.

So now we got the radical idea in our head that there is no reason on this weird grey earth that women should be raped, we can see that some people that do believe that some of those excuses listed above are “ok” and perfectly fine to rape a women because of those reasons as a feminist issue.

To put it bluntly

“Feminist’s believe that no women should be raped, people that belive there are reasons to rape a women are an issue, and its a cause feminists will protest against” (theese protests are useally called slut or prude walks, to battle against women being victim blamed)


“it is the fucking he wants, not the women as a person” – Andrea Dworkin (Google her, your mind will change)

Today I was reading this book called cunt by Inga Muscio.
I got to a chapter wear she talks about rape,
Inga talks about how she runs out of soya milk one night at four in the morning, she talks about how she has to dress her self up to look like a man, and loads her pockets with rocks, she calls up her night owl friend and tells her she’s going out and tells her to freak out if she’s not back at a certain time.

Women have often been shamed for going out at night because we are taught that if women are raped its usually in a dark ally way at night, some places have tried to put curfews for women because OBVIOUSLY locking women up when it gets dark is going to stop rape because women are the problem. When women go out we are made to feel like we need to go to ridiculous lengths like Inga in order not to get raped, when realistically you’re likely to get raped any time, but mostly likely by people who we trust, like, seem nice, friend of a friend, date, family.

People often make jokes like “well the good thing about being ugly is that you wont get raped”
as I quoted from Andrea working, its the fuck he wants.

Women can go out head to toe in clothes and still get raped, you can be “ugly” and still get raped, you can be black, white, brown, yellow, orange and green and still get raped.

We forget there are over types of rape, not just the “random person on the street pulled me into a ally and raped me”.
What about rape in marriage? What about rape in relationships? Rape in dates? Rape in familys? Rape in wars? Rape in prostitution? Rape in children? Rape in teenagers? Rape in disabled people? People of colour? ape in trans people? Rape in the elderly?

Rape is common, Rape happens often and it needs to be talked about more, and be taught that rape is not ok under any circumstance, rape is not sex, sex needs consent,
one out of three women experience some form of *sexual violence.

(*rape isn’t all ways violent, a lot of women when raped just freeze with fear, or say yes because they are scared of saying no, or say yes because they have been coerced).

If you believe women should be able to drink, fall over men, flirt, kiss and walk home in short skirt at night and not worry about being raped then you need to believe that there is a need for feminism, if you believe that more then 1 out of every 100 rapists should be convicted.

Rape is a feminist issue because we as people don’t see their actions as rape.
Rape is a feminist issue when people see gang rape as “fun”
Rape is a feminist issue when young girls are cohered*
Rape is a feminist issue when its used at war
Rape is a feminist issue when it’s in marriage
Rape is a feminist issue when people don’t see it as a feminist issue.
That’s all for now, and remember:
No means no, Yes mean’s maybe.