When you write in tune with the twitter bubble. You self censor. Because you know that one misplaced word can bring swarming extensions of our political media culture crashing down on your head. In political debate that demands that  women, the ill, the sick, people with disabilities, bearing the brunt of deleveraging, risk abuse every time their existence contradicts narrow ideological batshittery designed to allow this. You then need to be gaslighted or trolled into acknowledging your reality fits their current requirements or going away. This is abusive behaviour that keeps debate narrow enough that it never moves to anywhere useful.And it is perpetuated by left and right.

It really has to stop. The tabloids are falling because that kind of abusive political environment was unacceptable. Ironic it would be the swarming left who would guarantee our political media establishment still have a tool to do what The Sun did.

That’s why I don’t.