Threatening to privatise the entire education system, after creating the most centrally controlled education authority imaginable, is not going to distract from either the testimony you gave at Leveson, your connections with Murdoch, or your willingness to have tabloid ‘columnist’ morons who are devoid of intellect and decency, with no concept of child welfare or knowledge of education,  as a front for the vanity project school which provided the media motif for your idiocy.

It certainly won’t distract from the corruption and incompetence which has defined your government’s time in power. I think you will make the history books, but will really wish they had put a picture of pob and Alf Garnett there instead. The write up is not going to be that great. Let the lib dems know it isn’t enough to create clear blue water between them and you… It has only served to highlight the risk you pose.

I’d stick to pasty tax u-turns if I were you…oh look, Andy Coulson was arrested…t