Pasty Tax U-Turn

Oh fuck. When that’s all you’ve got, it’s time to do the honorable thing…

After you have read Ann Pettifor we have CNBC ;-S

Apparently an exit planned for 18th June so Eurozone countries can deal with the cheaters.  Not a reference to Goldman Sachs obviously. Media spun idiocracy. The American Way. There are now adverts running offering speedy services for those wishing to remove their capital, and I assume the path is being laid.

Ann Pettifor on Open Democracy. Worth a read.

On May 15th, in what can only be described as an act of coercion, an impoverished and effectively insolvent Greece acceded to the handover of a bond payment –  €436 million – to  private financial ‘vulture funds’. The Greeks had little choice. However, in acquiescing to this handover –  facilitated by its paymasters,‘the Troika’ –…

Olympic missiles

We don’t have missiles at the Olympics. It’s the javelin you are thinking of.  Or the shotput. Refreshments by Coca Cola and Mars and missiles by BAE? I know that is technically not news, but sometimes a second ‘WTF’ is necessary.

What to blog about?

I logged on to twitter today for the first time in a bit, and I saw that Baroness Warsi has been on the fiddle. Which amused me. A lot. Then there was a titbit about the Select Committee dealing with Murdoch, and his ‘aggressive’ approach of blackmail finally called what it is. Tony Blair is…