I’ll just rehash this one every time we do this.


Double dip recession? Gross underestimation of the number and scale of dips. Stagnation betwixt could never have been described as a recovery convincingly, and we have shovelled everything into keeping inflated the bit of the economy that is broken.  The government deliberately shrank the economy and now we are gobsmacked by the news .. that the economy shrank?

A political debate stretched thin by the limits of Labour and Tory neo-liberalism run on the timetable of the right wing press didn’t throw up a solution or any opposition or alternative? Really? How very odd.

Double Dip recession, please! Let’s called it a depression triggered by a financial crisis, that has exposed the limits of our political system, and led to a complete re-examining of the social and economic contract. The consequences of the deficit crisis that has been manufactured as a response, may have left us with significantly reduced…

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