..in the middle of it, few of us truly understood it was a boom. Or understood that it would end. The neo liberal consensus was not entirely projected onto a docile population. We liked it and thought it could be stretched, New Labour=like contortions of ideology let us believe it was harmless, and moved us away from the toxic culture of the old left. We liked it a lot. Around the time of election 92, people were finding out that the credit boom might be good for them. And it was. For a lot of people.

Gordon Brown could safely say we had never had it so good, we hadn’t, and we thought we had somehow earned it. To find yourself owning your own home at 22, and the first in your family to ever have considered it. to be earning more than you’d imagined and expect your earnings potential to increase exponentially, while enjoying the last of the permanent contracts and paying dutifully into your pension?

While market orthodoxy is flawed and has been discredited, that is not the same as saying it was inflicted on us. We wanted the neo liberal consensus, and we liked being blind to the effects. And pretty things are pretty things.

I read No Logo and went to Mayday protests, and went to Topshop and McDonalds on the way home.