Investor anger

It’s easy to lose, in the hullabaloo of Europe, but we are also witnessing one of the most interesting ‘democratic’ developments in a while. As our understanding of where power lies changes, a wave, and I mean a HUGE wave, of ‘investor activism’ has emerged. No, this is not crusties, buying one share so they can attend the shareholders meeting(which is a good thing to do by the way, they also send you reports…). This is investors in one company after another, after another, after another, calling time on the piss taking boards that live as part of our ‘global elite’.

When I was pissing around with the left last year, I was constantly trying to explain that while it was clearly their divine right to be offensive visibly and that was the only way change would come, people everywhere were affected, bothered, and acting, and many weren’t on the left.

The current situation is about right and wrong, not left and right. And it isn’t only the few that have noticed, it is only the few who haven’t. The few who thought they were untouchable!