Good grades are the key to cutting risky sexual behaviour, thinks Micheal Gove. I am fairly glad I put my faith in something more substantial than quadratic equations, when taking care of my sexual health, I am fairly sure my foster dad would have agreed, and he was a phsyics teacher who LOVED quadratic equations.

If you ground young people with competence in core subjects, adolescence will cease to be the period in which human beings sexually mature, and you can cut sex education, thinks Micheal Gove.

I read this, and had a eureka moment. Competence. If we treat Ministers like young people accessing contraceptive. A test, or a threshold, at which they have shown evidence that they have sufficient capacity to understand their decisions, and the consequences. Demonstrate competence and mental capacity.. Before anything can be approved, so they don’t do any long term damage?

We could call it Gove Competence.

We have to do something. This shit flinging monkey has done some serious damage.