…saw nothng edifying. At all. An endless whirl of nothing. Just really horrible nothing.

Uncritical normalcy. Read those posts back and tell me that should be our news cycle.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t feel any better informed for plugging into the mainstream political news cycle for a day. Or that I learned anything great about the way it spins. Noone came out of it well, although everyone played like practiced pro’s.

The bitter taste that came witnessing the avalanche aimed at Louise Mensch I logged on to has not gone, even if the unfolding events of the days have confirmed many of the grievances with her are genuine. Her sounding off for Murdoch, does not give the left a free pass for their not so hidden misogynist bullying  streak. The comedy of the continuing implosion the neverending Ken and Boris show, no longer raises smiles.

I watched a tory MP act like a communications woman for Rupert Murdoch, and all I am left with is ‘who has the stomach to add to that?’ When it just validates an environment where that is an appropriate response to anything. In my experience, most things transcend ideology in this culture, so I decline on the grounds I don’t voluntarily participate in bread and circuses. I shan’t consider myself out of the loop if I don’t have access to that online circus to inform me in future….

Who has the stomach to put their hand up and say this how things should be done? There is nothing constructive to be said or done in a debate structured that way. Nothing I want to be part of.

I wonder what local election turnouts were like.

Added later: And Tom Watson, proud as we all were, you didn’t come out well either.