Before I bugger off..

..twitter conversation. I said I felt we normalised the dysfunction in political debate, I still have a sour taste from my plug in to the news cycle. Someone said we sometimes do that in real life to keep us healthy, within certain situations. He is right, we do that as people. To adapt to situations…

Haha, something occurred to me.

I was pondering why watching that tirade against Louise Mensch left such a bitter aftertaste. When you have been on the receiving end of it, a couple of dozen times or more, you know it isn’t nice. Even if you are hard as nails. I am not frightened by words on a screen, but at…

Had access to the news and internet for one day..

…saw nothng edifying. At all. An endless whirl of nothing. Just really horrible nothing. Uncritical normalcy. Read those posts back and tell me that should be our news cycle. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t feel any better informed for plugging into the mainstream political news cycle for a day. Or that I learned…

Sex Education, competence, and Micheal Gove

Good grades are the key to cutting risky sexual behaviour, thinks Micheal Gove. I am fairly glad I put my faith in something more substantial than quadratic equations, when taking care of my sexual health, I am fairly sure my foster dad would have agreed, and he was a phsyics teacher who LOVED quadratic equations….

Interesting thoughts here.

Peter Oborne in excellent form.

As the right of political spectrum attempts to respond to death of centre position, and the type of politics that carried it.┬áIt wasn’t about Tory sleaze, but it is now. Just as the polls begin to move.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Louise Mensch

I stand shoulder to shoulder with Louise Mensch. The abuse she received is absolutely typical. We have a twitter fish tank full of piranhas, ready to swarm within the confines of a debate deeply hostile to women and everyone else whose invisibility is demanded by the culture of our political system and press. An extension…

Monkeys flinging shit

We will never have a political discourse which addresses our current problems, while our political media focus on a soap opera which appears to consist of monkeys flinging shit at each other. On a ridiculous political media roundabout spinning mainly to distract from the gravity of the breakdown underpinning our current situation.