Random thought about ‘the left’ and ‘Islamist parties’ in the Middle East.

A new favourite has surged forward in the race for the Egyptian presidency. Abdel-Moneim Aboul Fotouh, who is an Islamist moderate and former Muslim Brotherhood group leader, from a group once outlawed as militant. I don’t obviously know anything about the candidate, but something struck me. The Muslim Brotherhood have been the happily function wheel of dissent within neo liberalism in that part of the world for a long while. The Muslim Brotherhood, as the biggest existing political force ‘capitalised’ on the revolution, in much the way the structures of the left here, decided the cuts that would regenerate them to win old battles that were owed to them.

Nick Cohen, (whose recent book I haven’t read yet) talks regularly about the unholy alliance between figures of the Left and Islamists devoted to principles which should warrant opposition. I think the affinity between two such useful wheels of neo liberalism should have been expected. Politics is the same the world over, isn’t it?