Bank of England Governer selection will be transparent says George Osborne, in this article which also dropped in a mention of this being the week it is to be ‘revealed’ if Britain in ‘technical’ recession. In the FT, Ed Balls used his spot, to list the clearly conflicting and numerous responsibilities handed to said Governer. Can we find a superhuman to function on behalf of the real economy, in this confusing domain, he asks. He was missing the point, which is usually the point with Mr.Balls. Transparent is a word that means only one thing these days. That list of powers was transferred to an ‘independent body’ whose functions we were largely kept ignorant of. It’s a bit bloody late to laugh at how super human the candidate needs to be, when it is clear that many of the democratic functions which provide check and balance to our economic system, have been given away and we are canoeing through shit without paddles, in a never ending river of the stuff they opened the door to. I don’t see Mr.Balls handing out paddles…or even noticing the shit.

Can we go back and consider what led to the original decision to put so much of that power outside government, and the consequences of that. Ask whether our expectations were met by that initial decision, and why not. In light of what happened since, and renewed understanding of how power is held. Factor in our understanding of how ridiculously ill equipped for anything our political system has become since, and why.

No? Are we still on pasties and Ken and Boris? Ok then…