Obama must find a lasting theme says this concerned comment piece in the FT. Reagan could say good morning and mean it. He was POTUS in the morning of the liberation of Wall Street while his ideological sister across the Atlantic, swept that fever over us in a tabloid fronted political media wave which is spectacularly crashing. Taking the absurd political spectrum it kept spinning, with it.

That culture was projected onto the world as something to aspire to, cautionary tales are rarely aspirational. They are what are now being delivered with our attempts to transfer the consequences to those whose aspiration was once depended on for ‘our’ success. Obama needs to find a message that will impose an unsellable thing convincingly, within debate framed by the grotesque sound bite neo conservatism and vacuous triangular liberalism that sustains political media and opinion polls everywhere. Everyone else lives the consequences of an absurdity which has become undeniable as the political spectrum rediscovers elsewhere.

He has to be re-elected in the final murky moments of what made Reagan so chipper, and has to bring the US out of this, even though it is apparent to anyone he is powerless to do so. The cost of dental work alone would probably exclude most of the US population from running for office.  The power of voters disappeared from democracy, as the share of the economy held by the labour market became smaller.

Jobs disappeared, became less secure and lost value. Productivity and blatant exploitation was outsourced, along with accountability, skills, and knowledge. This was allowed politically by expanding debt and welfare spending. One of which required the continued exploitation of identified inequality and the demonization of those caught up, the other has brought the Western World to its knees. The media debate he has to satisfy stretches beyond thin to meet points of tribal idiocy, reality long lost under it’s hysterical polarisation. The apathy voter turn outs were attributed to, appears to have been blindly manufactured from a central source most people sensibly switched off from till they had to.

Politician’s faces are handily displayed everywhere to take the shit for the financial crisis caused by those who create, perpetuate, and benefit from this political environment.  Europe’s political leaders are experiencing what the FT described as an ‘austerity backlash’, and Hollandes success within a growing Europe wide trend, elicited unbecoming market sulks. David Cameron is currently looking for a ‘heavy hitter’ who can shut down bad news, now it is impossible to disguise the inadequacy of this type of politics. His government is blamed for having no strategy, when the only strategy required is managing the message suicidal economic consensus requires, as that ‘strategy’ reaches its limits globally.

The neo liberal birth that allowed Reagan to chirrup ‘Good Morning’ from every orifice, is at the heart of how a well-funded political culture of media savvy idiots paralysed the most powerful country in the world and placed Obama in this position. Why the US won’t be the most powerful country in the world for much longer.

We are watching the adaptions of the global economic, democratic and social contract demanded by neo liberalism, become untenable, at the opening of the finale of a crisis which should have been acted on in 2007-8, and was evident years sooner. Nothing credible emerging yet in its wake but ideas pinned to the batshit fringes of a dead political spectrum and the emergence of other economies to dominate. In parts of the world experiencing similar problems. The question will hopefully soon be about how to deal with more localised and smaller scale paralysis afflicting our political system, so we can find a credible economic road out of this.