OOh, my blog is subversive. It’s because I noticed the neo liberal consensus die in 2008, like everyone else.

The Return of the Public

Here’s something interesting.

Britain’s internal security service, MI5, includes ‘the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism’ is on its ‘list of potential targets to be safeguarded against subversion. We are told this by Bernard Porter, the distinguished historian. He can’t tell us how he knows that, because he found out in a discussion held under Chatham House rules.

So a politician who calls for Scandinavian-style social democracy qualifies as a subversive. And a book that advocates industrial democracy and financial sector reform, like this one, qualifies as a subversive document.

To put it another way, it is subversive to reject the consensus embraced by the three main political parties. To put it yet another way, if the Labour party adopted economic policies that would serve the interests of the majority, they would become legitimate targets for counter-subversion.

Just so you know.

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