Ageing population is not a future problem. It’s now, And we have a social care crisis. And a structure of the labour market crisis and have treated the race to the bottom for pensions as easy prey for years. This is happening, even if all our political parties currently pretend it isn’t. This is why I won’t be mourning the NHS. We need it. Age is redefining. My ex is 56, and is dad to a 5 year old. Not the oldest dad we know of a child with a similar age. Whole world redefined while the left and right were arguing about socially conservative cartoon trolling. It’s the economy. It’s linked to everything, cos that’s what it is.


If enough people repeat an opinion often enough, it mutates into a credible theory. If enough people continue to endorse the theory, it becomes an axiom. And so, our brains go lazy and dull and we cease to question the assumptions and logic behind it.

We have an ageing population. This is a problem. Everyone knows this. No need to delve deeper. But what if I were to tell you that a very simple shift in perspective can flip the issue on its head?

I was reading an article in the Telegraph yesterday. It is neither the first, nor will it be the last, of its kind. I did, however, find it a perfect encapsulation of all the facile thinking around this subject. “The problem with ageing populations is that they are expensive”, Knowles muses. By calling it the “ageing population” we dehumanise the people involved. We are no longer…

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