Kids programmes

Mysterious Cities of Gold Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds Around the world with Willie Fogg. The weird space cartoon where his sister was a flower, and they were looking for their dad. Dangermouse Thundercats. That is all.    

I missed this..

Tax credit rules create benefit trap. Er, yes. Not so much create it, as expand who it covers. Which is going to be a problem politically.


Cuts. Social cohesion. Aggravating existing crisis. Pfft. Not pfft to Zerohedge obviously. I wouldn’t dare.

Growing up in patriarchy

I didn’t grow up in patriarchy, or at least I didn’t know that I did till I was reached adulthood. I grew up in a matriarchy. Women were the authority figures in my life, the people upholding my communities. To all intents and purposes I grew up in the matriarchal enclaves created when mothers were…

Tribalism is a luxury

In order to be a true tribalist, you need to be able to surround yourself with people who also define themselves solely by your niche view. That is easy in some circumstances. For instance, if you are workng in an industry which is white, upper class, and your professional network is spawned from a university…

Cuts to domestic violence services

Here is why Domestic Violence services faced heavy cuts. They are generally provided by charities as part of the web of voluntary organisations, orbiting statutory agencies coming out of your local authority. Local authorities had to deliver cuts that were decided centrally, they had to be delivered while not upsetting local voters and while pleasing…

Oh it gets funnier..

We know they carefully stage their engagements with the public, that’s politics. Armando Iannucci couldn’t make this up though.