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Cuts to tax credits ensured women can’t afford to leave. To incentivise marriage. Centre for Social justice are big on stuff like that. Made sure bridge between working and paying your bills was cut. Women now have to choose- the outcomes related to poverty or the outcomes related to domestic violence. Welfare was an area of political consensus. Frank Field suggested cutting women’s benefits to pay for Surestart centres where they could be taught to be better. Both our political parties intended to exploit gender inequality under a veneer of social conservatism, to deleverage onto the population using welfare cuts. After Labour created a welfare dependent working population.  Cuts to domestic violence services were part of it, but not at the core of this. THese women are structurally invisible to political debate unless they are scroungers to be taught to be better or victims that charities need to help., Our political parties agree and they shape the political debate in this country. Iain Duncan Smith and his batshit buddies found open goals, while Labour asked the Blue Labour crew to reimagine gender equality so they could move beyond the welfare state. What did people think was going to happen?