Woman seeking abortion as a result of rape being filmed. Nice.

Well, I say thank you to the biggest pro-life mobilisation in history. The strategy of rolling this out, while we get a good view of the consequences of this type of political tactic from the US, just as astroturf techniques are losing traction? A gift.

There may have been some ill advised playing along by the left, who did not recognise astruturf techniques as trolling to elicit a response which politicised abortion, but this remains a gift. We are not the US, and the imposition of these tactics may have brought the issue of the impact of the ‘christian right’ political lobby on health policy to the fore- but the discussion is all about the tactics. And what they signify.  The right of a minority who can manufacture noise, to attempt to impose their agenda on our reproductive health services, and the depths they will sink to.  Noone is interested in discussing morality with people who are willing to stoop to this. The idea that a woman’s autonomy should be restricted on the moral authority of people who behave this way? Not really floating is it? Especially not while the Tory party have no credibility.

Along with the disastrous astroturf Kony video, I think the pursuit of astroturf techniques by the christian right and the neo liberal left, has created quite a nice little implosion. By this time next year we should all be laughing at the fact these techniques were effective for so long. Internet is funny like that.

There is only one agenda that will reduce the numbers of abortions carried out, and it is the one that recognises motherhood and demands it is not punished by poverty. The tacking of bullying techniques onto a right wing political agenda which seeks to remove women’s choices, increasing the poverty experienced by mothers, starving them into chastity at the expense of their living children, does not reduce the number of women choosing or needing to end pregnancies.  And there is no reason that any woman in Britain 2012, should have to discuss her morality with trolls.

Mums in the playground in Yorkshire are discussing the US war on women, while discussing the use of these abhorrent techniques over here. Even if that is not yet reflected in our slow to catch up media… Sometimes it pays to have people who just don’t know when to stop, pushing an agenda.