Am reblogging this. I wrote it when Rachel was about two. This was in the days when writing about motherhood was not the same thing as writing about politics, and didn’t have to be so.

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I need to write this down, while I am thinking it. So excuse what follows.

Kids development moves quickly. Fucking quickly. Scarily quickly. Today Rachel was reading her fish book- its just a Dr.Seuss book with some plastic fish looped across the top.  She started showing me which fish looked like which, and which were the same colour, and counting them, and showing me where there were the same amount of fish. And telling me which fish had similar noses, and similar shapes.

She was explaining it to me, and I realised this was new. She couldn’t do this last week. Or possibly yesterday.

Then at bedtime when she wanted my boyfriend to read her a story, I pretended to be upset, pulled a sad face and went to the door, expecting the normal begging me to come back which ensues. Instead she laughed and shouted ‘bye…see ya later…’ and…

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