Well, that shock is unfounded. Rickets have been back for years and reports of kids with rickets and malnutrition, as a direct result of measurable poverty, have been on the rise for years. Things weren’t the land of milk and honey before the Tories got in.  If they truly are shocked, a loaf of bread is close to £1,50, and a parent with one child will receive less than £150 a week all in, to pay all their bills, feed, clothe and entertain that child and keep them in the world so their futures aren’t damaged. What did they think was happening? Magic? Before these children get to the point where they are going hungry, everyone round them will have done everything they can to ensure they don’t go hungry. An assumption so reliable you can base policy on it.

The reason these children are going hungry, is because a wafer thin veneer of social conservatism cannot be shattered until the left wing press call it the bullshit that it is. That won’t happen till ‘the concerned’ stop thinking concern is the same as building a journalism or political career, and start being actually concerned about the people they exploit.

Today there will be many left wing politicos who worked extrremely hard to push this issue away from their publication, site, blog, because it suited a political party to limit concern to crying about the mean Tories.  The cries that have upheld the social conservatism that allowed the grotesque policies of the last few years to remain unchallenged for 30 years.

Until the left wing media acknowledge their power, and call the social conservatism austerity requires, utter bullshit, this continues.

For the rest of us, we know there is a man behind the curtain. The curtain fell down and he carried on laughing. Mr.Wizard you are a very bad man.

The Tories tell you to hate the poor, Labour tell you to hate the rich, and meantime kids go hungry under the hoohaa tribalism their Oxbridge bred poppets create. The problem is not the rich or the poor. It is our political and financial system and the very localised dysfunction that has become apparent. I am lucky. My child will never go hungry, I have a network of people around me that ensure that won;t ever happen. Neo liberal economic and social policy seeks to deny families across the country that, and shift them away from their communities. So they can deliberately aggravate a housing crisis for the benefit of the buy to let market and teh credit market and to keep middle class mortgage rates low.

NB Added later. (December 2013) The assumption that children are going hungry that started this article is bogus, and one that resulted in me writing from a headline. I have expanded on this here. It is a deeply dangerous assumption that children are going hungry and one that should be considered carefully when it is made.