This is not about choice. Few issues relating to motherhood are. This is about the right of a tiny yet vocal minority to impose their morality on the decisions made between me and my doctor. My autonomy as a patient in 2012. I don’t want ‘the choice’ of abortion. I want the same level of autonomy over medical treatment that men enjoy, and I want responsibility for decisions made about my pregnancies to remain mine. As they were when I turned down certain treatments during pregnancy and the delivery of my daughter which I did not feel were appropriate. Am not interested in discussing my  morality with trolls, there is absolutely no reason I should even have to take part in such a discussion. Before we assume their right to impose morality on my treatment I want evidence that mine is not good enough. I am interested in discussion about how our current political system provides such a warm environment for this discussion to be sent down the road of deliberately constructed and toxic culture wars. I would like examination of whether the willingness to pass service delivery for unpopular like drugs services, to evangelist groups has not secured a toehold for this toxic threat to equality. I would like to address the open goals the Christian Right influence in the Conservative Party found this year, and whether they have not laid the groundwork for this.

I would prefer to learn from the US, not go down that road.