Apparently political strategists are warning Ed Miliband against his intention to focus on his ‘battered base’. After a year of ensuring he co-opted every single means of accessing democracy they might have, he wants to reach out to the welfare dependent population Labour created and were happy to see bullied. He still doesn’t understand that politics seeking to reach out to names he dreamed up, on the advice of strategists with the IQ and attention span of gnats, won’t work. We have a population who have undergone a rapid period of awakening about the nature of Britain’s economic position. We are now aware of the overlap between our financial centre, and that of the US and we are also aware of the serious nature of Britain’s economic problems. The deficit not being one of them. This has raised fundamental questions about the nature of democracy itself, and the current state of our political parties. As Peter Watt was so eloquent in describing recently.

The facile political debate of the last year was the problem, not the groups bribed. Reaching out to imagined group identities he doesn’t understand will not work. We need something more substantial. We need economic and social policy credibility, not bribes to whichever ‘type’ his Spads currently say is fashionable. This country’s problems are much deeper than he understands. ¬†Special interest groups fighting for the attention of so called progressives won’t do it any more, the game changed.

Stumbling and Mumbling is a great blog, and I think today Chris Dillow sums up the problem rather nicely.

PS the problem is no longer how to appeal to ‘single parents’ but why Labour classifies mothers by their relationship status.