Here.,. If you ignore the faith of the Muslim Brotherhood, and just treat them as the largest existing political force in Egypt at the time of the revolution, this is problematic.  El Baradei, throughout the coverage of the Egyptian revolution was touted by the western press, not from Tahrir Square, or the revolution itself.  He was  widely described as a CIA donkey.  Anonymous have attacked the Islamic Brotherhood as co-opting the revolution. The elections that the Muslim Brotherhood did so well in, were desired by the Western World and were actually divisive within Egypt. Female revolutionaries now find their battles are much the same as they always were, and all of a sudden Coptic Christians who were very much part of the revolution are opting out of this process.  The struggles in Egypt have not finished. Not by a long way, nor have our attempts to influence what happens there. If there is one thing Western dominance of the Arab region has always brought about, it is the sectarianism that brings the social conservatism that allows neo liberalism to do as it pleases. And corruption.