This, if am honest= did nothing more than ramp up tension and ensure that abortion is now a political issue in the minds of more people than it needs to be. I left a comment. I cannot grasp how we have watched abortion treated in the US and how *this* is a smart way to respond to political tactics designed solely to elicit this response. While the victim complex 40dfl will seek to project onto this is fed, we make attacks on our reproductive rights more likely, not less. I don’t want pro-choice protestors outside abortion clinics, any more than the bullies who seek to emulate the US. This is idiocy. When will we learn that rocking up and shouting is not that effective for anything?



Our Pro-Choice Protest, held on Friday night in response to 40 Days for Life’s big prayer event with Bishop Hopes, was an enormous success. Estimates vary, but we certainly had a good few hundred people there – especially when Critical Mass turned up!

Apart from the occasional incident of people crossing over to the other side (from both groups, before the anti-choicers get on their high horses), the whole event was really good-natured and peaceful – the police actually thanked us for holding such a well-run protest! On that note, the police were great, on the whole. One told me that they were using our demo as practice for any spontaneous protest which arise during the Olympics – hence the police helicopter and vans full of back-up around the corner.

We even cleared up after ourselves – and after 40DFL, who may have expected…

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