From @hoodedman1187. I asked him to blog it, but he’s shy. I was going to plagiarise the tweets, but the tweet stream is coherent. His views on ‘apprenticeships’, which I wholeheartedly agree with. And in a town where the last of the time served apprentices is turning 40, and remembers being scathing about the YTS schemes, at a time when those YTS schemes look like golden opportunities, I thought I would share them. In a country where all our parties are committed to somehow creating full employment using welfare, I think they are worth reading.

Its the Oxbridge forged career civil servants who love to promote the #Apprenticeship “brand” and the “wrap around” it provides them

But know this … its not just “the government”, its the machinery of government.Not Ministers who enthuse about the #ApprenticeshipBrand

I am sad and spent now. That Twitterspunk cost me half a bottle of wine and dredging up more bile from my endless well of bitterness.

@lisaansell3 Oh if only it were that simple. You can rewrite my spews and win the Pullitzer, I will not sue.

@lisaansell3 I am no good at blog. I either spew in the moment or re-write forever.

Commitment to #Apprenticeship in a Global, Flexible, NeoLiberal, Credit Dependent system is a hollow, anachronistic #WORTHLESSpromise

… how on earth can that possibly be part of a capitalism that is demanding flexible labour, short termism, deregulation … It Can’t

Think about it … Historically Apprenticeship is a training for a life in a craft or trade, with development and security …

and they can do this because people still think an Apprenticeship has a value based on the historical context it was forged in.

#Apprenticeships are a hollowed out shell, into which #governmentdrops pre-existing “qualifications” from the #awardingmarket.

In bad times, like the youth training agenda of the 80s, they are a panacea for all ills, part of the #socialmobility fairy tale

That is what #Apprenticeships are now. A government product, with strong #brandawarness. In good times they are part of the#growth story

Everything “modernised” and reinvented. A typical modernisers Postmodernist, post industrial, neoliberal product. Out of context. A#brand

… sleightness of hand and slightness of movement away from Thatcherism. #Apprenticeships are “championed” by employers

New Labour, always keen to do the Right’s thing “modernises” Modern Apprenticeships to become … Apprenticeships. That’s Blair for you …

Modern #Apprenticeships become not a #Guild or #Trade system for #Craft but a #government programme for #employers with unions marginalised

Hence in the fag end of the #Thatcher years under #Major – “Modern Apprenticeships”. A government product fitted for#flexiblelabourmarkets

#Apprenticeships divorced from the context of #organisedlabourbecame part of this unholy mess of #government #marketisation in#education

Having ceded control of their economies #governments planted their flag in education. Lord Young a prime a mover. Kenneth Baker etc

Hence huge interventionist moves by Thatcher governments #YTS#YOP #1992 #HE “reforms” #NVQs #StandardsofCompetence#Qualifications #Market

… #governments moved in #education #learning #training &#development and began to massively interfere with it urged on by IMF OECD etc

… #Apprenticeships somehow became part of #government‘s agenda. Having ceded a role in planning & running national economies …

Yet like so much of the “modernization” woofle dust sprinkled over the fundamental socio-economic restructuring that began post IMF 1976 …

… undermines the context in which #Apprenticeships have a purpose and a place.

Dismantling the industrial/craft base and establishing neoliberal/globalisation/service fetishism/”flexible” labour economy completely …

Because #Apprenticeships are about combining work, training and development in the workplace, which has to be paid for and organised.

#Apprenticeships had a role in a mixed economy with interventionist government, though there was dispute over investment in training.

Employers who now champion #Apprenticeships were happy to let the system go because of the link to organised labour

#Apprenticeships declined as an industrial base (and investment in it) declined and were caught up in struggle between management & unions

#Apprenticeships declined the long established craft/industrial/trade context in which they had a central place declined

#Apprenticeships have become divorced from that historical context of #craft and #work – apprentice, journeyman, master etc

#Apprenticeships are related to “learning a trade” but that’s not all they are. They are historically part of a way of organising labour

I didn’t watch that thing about #Apprenticeships