I have to be honest, I assumed the government did read your emails. And your private messages, and occasionally listened to phone calls.  I kind of assumed there was now a room at GCHQ for following twitter profiles. Second decade of our neverending war on no-one, drugs, chavs, ASBOS, and shadows in the dark and I am quite used to the erosion of my civil liberties. To be honest, I have lost track of which ones I still have. Control Orders became Tpims and got served with cucumber, and theresa May is home secretary. The bureacratic cosh that is coming down through debt, welfare, and the ability to outsource, requires no snooping of emails. They just demand to know what they want and The Sun tell everyone this is only right they should be able to. Louise Restell speaks eloquently here about proposed changes to the already eroded system of justice we have.

But I smell horseshit. According to Krishnan Guru Murphy, the snoopy bill is unworkable and unaffordable. A bill like this would kill the Lib Dem’s stone dead, and we need the Lib Dems. We need them because the centre position died, and in our two party system no party can guarantee the winning of an election. The Liberal Democrats are required to give legitimacy to the new normal of coalitions and austerity. I was once told that when the government start talking about ID cards you know they want you not to be talking about something else. Like when they roll the Queen out for yet another nationally celebrated occasion we were all surprised by. I suspect this is a similar pile of horseshit.  Government trolling to keep politicos busy in the week politics died of shame while eating a steakbake.

In fact, almost everything that has occupied our political media for a month has smelled strongly of horseshit.