School meal sizes are not why kids are going hungry. The lack of concern over quality of outsourced services, including catering, across our public sector is a problem, and the poor quality of school meals is part of this. But the outrage and concern over kids going hungry is really conflating two different issues here. Which is usual in a media narrative entirely unconcerned with the extraordinary political, social and economic changes the ‘credit crunch’ brought about. This isn’t the Conservatives making meals smaller, this is the outsourcing of catering resulting in sacrifices for profit. Which really is an issue of political consensus.

An examination of why children are going hungry is appropriate, a real examination. An examination of the overall effect of marketisation and a willingness to stop treating that cancer as tiny unrelated issues is required. But titbits for the concerned and outraged really are getting beyond unhelpful, and are stifling discussion over what is actually happening. I have no doubt thatsom eparty politico will try to use this as evidence of their party being better for not being the one this particular nugget refers to, but ain’t that always the way.